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Why is my Salt Lamp Turning White?

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Himalayan Salt Lamp’s White Color

The Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal comes in many natural shades of colors. There are different vein color found inside the salt mines. The typical vein colors are white, pink, orange, and red. Therefore, the color of a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp totally depends on what vein it was mined from. Pink salt lamps fall between the white and orange color veins which form the pinkish shades.

White Himalayan Crystal Salt is not as common, so generally may be priced higher as compared to the pink salt. But, as a salt lamp, white Himalayan Salt has the same healing characteristics, when heated it releases negative ions which purifies the surrounding air.

Can Himalayan Salt Lamps Be White?

But, is your Himalayan pink salt lamp turning white?

Don’t worry at all. Your great salt lamp is just fine!

Turning the Pink Salt Lamp into White is usually caused by an accumulation of salt residue on the surface of your salt lamp. The hygroscopic properties of Himalayan salt attract water molecules from the surrounding air.

Be gentle please, and rub the surface until you see the natural pink salt color below the white salt residue, and that’s it.

Your unique and beautiful salt lamp will be as good as it was before!

Now, just turn your salt lamp ON and keep it ON for a few minutes or a little longer. Once the heat from the bulb inside goes to the salt lamp the moisture left after rubbing on its surface evaporates away. Very Simple. Isn’t It?

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