What is a Salt Mine?

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Most people often ask or think that what is a salt mine? In short, a salt mine is the direct result of the extraction of salt from the underground salt deposits. Let’s talk about salt mines a bit deeper!
  What is a salt mine

What is a Salt Mine?

Actually, there are different methods of salt production. Evaporation of ‘solution-mined’ produces White salt. Mining the ancient deposits makes a salt mine and gives us the rock salt. Whereas some countries are using the solar energy to evaporate brine produced from seawater.

Although we can discuss the all three methods of salt production, our main concern in this article is to cover and understand the mines where we are extracting the rock salt. So let’s move ahead!
Rock salt mining is much like mining for any other mineral. Typically, the salt exists as deposits in ancient underground seabeds. The salt we extract from these underground deposits is the rock salt. Back to Top

How is a salt mine created?

This rock salt is found in domes or veins among layers of sedimentary rock. Extraction of large rocks from such a huge salt deposit creates a salt mine. Let’s move further!

First, we mine the salt found on the ground to get to the underground deposits. Then, we mine the underground salt deposits in a checkerboard pattern. Hence, we leave a portion of the salt, about 35 to 55 percent, in the form of pillars and roof. This pattern offers a structural supports for the mine. Back to Top

How is salt extracted from a mine?

Himalayan SaltThis salt mining process is labor-intensive. It begins with cutting a horizontal slot beneath a salt wall. The blasted salt rocks eventually fall beneath the salt wall. Now, we drill the holes into the salty side. Usually, these holes are about 10 feet (about 3 m) or deeper. Then, we place the dynamite inside these holes. Moreover, the miners set off the explosives remotely when no personnel is in the salt mine. Rocks break and fall onto the floor. Miners gather the mineral; load them onto the trucks and/or train. Trucks and train take the rocks to the surface of the mine. There, we crush the large rocks into smaller rocks. These smaller rocks are then sieved through several screens and stored for packaging and shipping. Back to Top

Himalayan Salt Mine

Now, there are many mines in the world where we are extracting the rock salt. But, the one we are going to talk now is the Himalayan mines in Pakistan. The Himalayan mines range from Khewra salt mine to Kalabagh, Gola, and Quaidabad salt mines. And, these few large salt mines make a group of mines that we usually mention as Himalayan mines. Moreover, the salt obtained from these Himalayan salt mines is suitable for turning into Himalayan salt lamps, salt tiles, salt bricks, and many other salt products! Back to Top

Uses of Himalayan salt

Since the Himalayan salt is the purest and cleanest salt on the earth, so it is the most beneficial, too. It has all kinds of nutritional and therapeutic properties, not to mention culinary uses. You can use it as a healthier option to processed salt. You can also use it to create homemade body scrubs and bath soaks, and you may have seen or owned a Himalayan salt lamp made from pink Himalayan salt. إMoreover, history tells us that the people of the Himalayas have used this versatile salt to preserve meat and fish. Back to Top


Finally, let me make the concluding remarks.  So, I would definitely say that the Himalayan salt mines are the only source of the most beneficial salt on earth. Moreover, I would also recommend the readers to test & taste it at least once. Yes, believe me, you will love to eat and keep at home! Thank you! Back to Top

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What is a Salt Mine?

A salt mine is an excavated area on or beneath the earth’s surface created for the purpose of extracting this sought-after mineral. This widely used crystalline mineral varies in color, and may be found in seawater or on land. It is necessary to mine salt to get to underground deposits. A salt mine has shafts for entry and exit and is typically comprised of rooms created in a checkerboard pattern. Extraction and processing includes blasting the crystals free, then crushing them several times before sending them to the surface for further processing.

Also referred to as sodium chloride, salt is a mineral with a cubic, crystalline formation. Its color ranges from grayish to transparent or frosty white to pink, depending on its purity and mineral composition of the parent rock. It is widely used for industrial applications as well as in food.


Salt is a very abundant mineral, and is most commonly found in seawater, making up 77 percent of dissolved solids there. Deposits on the earth’s surface are a result of the past evaporation of bodies of water. Salt deposits can also be found underground, in domes or veins among layers of sedimentary rock. In the latter cases, extraction requires the creation of a salt mine.