Unconventional ways in which Himalayan Salt can help you

/Unconventional ways in which Himalayan Salt can help you
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Unconventional ways in which Himalayan Salt can help you

Do you really need to know that Himalayan Salt can help you? And unconventionally? Then I would suggest you read this short & simple article.

Unconventional ways in which Himalayan Salt can help you

There are countless articles written on the mainstream use of Himalayan salt and its health benefits. But unknown to many there are certainly unconventional but immensely beneficial ways of leveraging its benefits. Because this is an amazing gift of nature. I mean, there are unconventional ways in which Himalayan salt can help you! Here are a few of these ways listed for the perusal of readers:

Himalayan salt for Insomnia

Most of the readers would be aware of the benefits of using the Himalayan salt lamp for the alleviation of sleep apnea. But not known to the masses is the fact that Himalayan salt mixed in moderation with honey can form a very potent sleep-inducing potion! I have been personally using this for a while now and can attest to its fast acting effects.

Himalayan salt licks for relief of different ailments

Generally, we speak of Himalayan salt products only the most popular products. For example, Himalayan bath salt, Himalayan salt inhaler, Himalayan salt bricks, and tiles come to mind. Overshadowed by it’s more popular counterparts Himalayan salt licks has some really therapeutic effects for certain ailments. We noted that people suffering from heart palpitations, acid reflux, and leg cramps can benefit tremendously. How? Simply suck on Himalayan salt licks early in the morning and then drink a glass of water.

Himalayan salt brine solution or sole for alleviating arthritis

Arthritis is a disease which causes inflammation and stiffness of the joints. And mostly ails people of advancing age. Himalayan brine solution or sole provides relief for Arthritis patients. Experts advise to simply prepare a sole solution and dip the areas affected by Arthritis in it. Also, tests and surveys show that patients get relief within a week! They report relief from joint stiffness in the wrist, fingers, and knees. Hence, the sole or Himalayan salt brine solution is very useful for treating skin blemishes like acne and rashes. It keeps the skin hydrated giving it a natural glow.

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