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Salt Lamps Exclusive & Custom Made Designs

What are Salt Lamps?

The Salt Lamps are essentially and simply small and/or large pieces of pure Himalayan Salt Rocks with a bulb or a candle inside. The purest natural food grade Himalayan crystal salt is the only source of these lamps. We make them in a solid piece of natural rock shape, a hand or a machine-made design, or decorative baskets filled with large crystals of salt. Amazingly, the Himalayan salt lamps or crystals can even be powdered to use as table salt in recipes if needed. Or, even you may put the crystals in bathtub to use as a bath salt. They are also a beautiful light source. You may also need to know how these lamps work?

Salt Lamps & Negative Ions

Salt Lamps and Negative IonsCrystal Salt Lamps also work as an air purifier. When lit, the salt crystals emit negative ions that fight against positively charged particles that cause you to feel stuffy and sluggish. The lit salt crystal clears the air naturally of allergens like smoke, pet dander, pollen, and other air pollutants. It dilutes odors so that you can breathe easier. People with asthma often find it helpful in reducing their symptoms. You can keep the lamp lit for as long as you like to maintain this purifying effect.

Unique salt lamps

Each of our unique salt lamps performs and displays the best out of it. Hence, you may choose Salt Tableware to make your food presentation more unique. Also, you may pick the Salt Candle Holders to make your dinner more attractive with your loved ones. Or, select one of our Natural Salt Lamps and/or Crafted ones, to give your room charming and exotic look. None of these lamps by time reduce in size or shape. So, you can use it without being worried about to buy a new one as time passes.

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