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Salt Lamp Bulbs and Cords in High Quality

Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulbs and Cord

Salt Lamp Bulbs and Cords

Bulb is what makes your salt lamp more charming and appealing. There is nothing prettier than a warm glow of a colored bulb sitting inside a beautiful salt lamp. So, it is very important to have a bulb that boasts a proper size and wattage so you can use your salt lamp in a most effective and efficient manner.


We feel proud in taking care of our customers for even small things. We have got all varieties of bulbs for every salt lamp that will suit your needs. You might also need to read what is a Himalayan salt lamp? And how does a salt lamp work?

Each light bulb has its pros and cons and certain bulbs work better in different spaces of a home. Take a deeper look at the different light bulbs to see where each should be used.

Proper Wattage of a Salt Lamp Bulb

Natural Salt Lamps Different Sizes

Natural Salt Lamps Different Sizes

You should keep one thing in mind: Don’t use a high wattage bulb unnecessarily. It’s recommended to take an expert advice before deciding yourself. The reason being that you wouldn’t want your lamp to get very hot when it’s turned on. With a high wattage bulb comes high temperatures and it might kill the purpose of a salt lamp by giving very bright light which is certainly not desirable. So make sure that you are choosing a right bulb for your salt lamp according to the size and space. You might also like to read how to use a salt lamp?

We have covered a separate article on the difference between using an incandescent bulb and LED in salt lamps. Please read it to save energy.

Salt Lamp Cords

Salt Lamp cords are equally important as it’s crucial to have cords that don’t bear any risk of deterioration. YsaltLamps is again there to do the job. We provide you with certified and imported cords that are long enough (approx. 6 feet usually) for easy and safe use. These cords also contain a Dimmer switch so you can adjust the brightness of your salt lamp according to your liking.

Natural Salt Lamp Bulbs and Cords

To provide better service to our customers, our salt lamp cords and bulbs (on/off and dimmer switches, socket, and plug) are certified and very high-quality. We take a step further to check and test all the salt lamp bulbs and cords to ensure that they are in functional condition and don’t contain any signs of damage or deterioration. Using proper cord and bulb provides the utmost benefits of Himalayan Salts Lamps. You will see that we have covered the full benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps as well as the unconventional ways in which Himalayan salt can help you.

We can pack and ship the cords and bulbs in separate boxes. Or, you may get them installed in each salt lamp. That’s your choice in packaging!

Furthermore, we are a manufacturer and exporter of salt lamps in Pakistan. Thus, in case of any inconvenience, you can always contact us and we will be ever-ready to cooperate.

Salt Lamps Wholesale

No doubt, we’re among the leading salt lamp wholesale suppliers and dealers  in Pakistan. Our manufacturing unit is mainly specialized in wholesale service of Himalayan salt lamps. Low-priced and optimized quality makes your business grow every day! Dozens of shapes and styles are available to choose from. And off course, our stylish design adds a touch of elegance to any room, which is great for reading, working, sleeping, and even playing. Enjoy high quality unique lighting.