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Ever noticed that how the popularity of salt lamps increasing?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not have salt lamps? Even, when the popularity of salt lamps growing so consistently!
Do you know what does the word ‘lamp’ mean?
Okay, the word ‘lamp’ is derived from the Greek word ‘lampas’, meaning torch.

Popularity of salt lamps

First of all, the earliest known history of table lamps dates back to about 70,000 BC. The people would take a hollow shell or rock and fill it with moss or similar material. That material was soaked in the fat of animals. Once the rock or shell was packed with the moss it would be lit or ignited.

From Rocks & Shell to Table Lamps

Second, it was long after the use of rocks and shells that people began to make things to hold the materials to make light. People started using the man-made pottery, bones from animals and alabaster. They added wicks at a later time to control the burning rate. So, the table lamps began in the history.
On the other hand, people started to replace the hollow shell or rock with more sophisticated tops. Thus, they got a breakthrough by inventing the burner! Also, around the same time, they added small glass chimneys to lamps to both protect the flame and control the flow of air to the flame. In the result of the rapid growth, Thomas Edison invented the first electric incandescent lamp in 1870. Table lamps have come a long way since then.

From Table Lamps to Salt Lamps

Now, the Salt Lamps are nothing but just a simple & amazing addition to the conventional table lamps. In simple words, the tops of the table lamps are replaced with a piece of naturally found rock salt. You may explore “What is a salt lamp?” or “how does a salt lamp work?” in more detail. You can find salt lamps all over the world! These salt lamps come in a vast array of colors, shapes, and sizes. Also, there are handmade natural salt lamps and the machine made designer lamps. Salt lamps of today are able to run on different kinds of light bulbs.

The popularity of Salt Lamps is Growing!

The popularity of salt lamps is just another addition to today’s global market. Amazingly, the worldwide market for organic and natural products is shooting up rapidly. The reasons for this include the growing popularity of organic products. Because people are returning to the nature-made products! And, the Himalayan salt lamps are among these trends! So let’s handshake to start a new or grow well the existing wholesale salt lamps business, today.

Popularity of Salt LampsSo, when in need of a portable light source – salt lamps are a good solution. Some of them have esthetic qualities and some of them even spiritual.
The popularity of salt lamps is ongoing, and today, we produce many kinds of lamps in various designs. They are very popular in both home and office uses. These salt lamps are good in heliotherapy, foot massaging, nasal issues, and asthma cure. Furthermore, you may explore the salt lamp benefits in more detail on different pages of our website.

What are we doing with the popularity of Salt Lamps?

We are running our Wholesale salt lamps as a business plus love. Because we are a manufacturer plus exporter of Himalayan salt lamps and other salt products from Pakistan. We enjoy creating beautiful and unique designs. On the top, our each & every salt lamp performs the best!

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