How to use a salt lamp?

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Let us present a real story of one of our friends. She bought 3 salt lamps. And told us how to use a salt lamp truly based on her experience?

How to use a salt lamp

How to use a salt lamp?

Sabrina purchased three (3) salt lamps from an online shop. Went home, and she plugged one of them into the wall and left it ON for 24 hours. As that’s what the instructions told her on “how to use salt lamps”.

For the first 24 hours, Sabrina didn’t necessarily notice much of a difference in her room. She still had a little bit of trouble while going to sleep. And she certainly didn’t wake up feeling energized.

Because it had only been a day, Sabrina didn’t let the salt lamp discourage her. And that was an important attitude. For the following couple of days, she was intensely focused on her salt lamp. Every time she was in her room, she just hung out around her salt lamp. She even brought it with her on a weekend trip to New York. She was desperate for it to do something for her. Sabrina had a stuffy nose over those days, so she was praying this lamp would clear it up. But it didn’t.

Feeling defeated, Sabrina kind of gave up on the lamp. She forgot all about it. But for unknown reasons or feelings, she still left it plugged in. Then, she figured it wasn’t worth giving her attention to anymore.

Well wouldn’t you know the second she forgot all about it, her stuffy nose went away? She felt more energized when she woke up and she had an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep. That was one of the benefits that salt lamps offer.

Now, she is utterly obsessed with her salt lamp. And she looks forward to coming home to it every night to bask in its glorious glow.

Overall Thoughts on how to use a salt lamp?

Though it took a while to work for her, Sabrina ended up having a pretty positive experience with the salt lamp.

She realizes that the reason it didn’t work well, in the beginning, was because she wasn’t home all that often. Yes, she was closer to the lamp when she was home, but that would only be for a couple of hours. Plus, she unplugged it when she went to bed every night.

Sabrina still didn’t spend as much time as she would like to around her salt lamp, but once she started leaving it plugged in when she went to bed, that’s when the magic happened.

Thus, finally, Sabrina unpacked the other 2 salt lamps that she bought at the same time. The one she used & tried first was a crafted salt lamp and the others were natural salt lamps. Now, she is using one at the office, and the other 2 at home. Cheers!

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Thank you for reading Sabrina’s story on using salt lamps.

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