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Mostly, we use salts to make our meal delicious, tasteful, and even eatable. But the salts are more useful in making our lives healthier and beautiful. Because we have many options for their presence in a unique way. The Himalayan Salt Candle Holders are a talking proof of their purity and enrichment of nature.

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders’ ambient glow!

Quality with commitment is our motive. So, we thrive to provide you the best quality salt products. Because we reach the understanding of your needs before we start your order.

Unlike the traditional candle holders, Himalayan salt candle holders create a beautiful ambient glow where ever used. Also, these salt candle holders release healthy negative ions. These negative ions cleanse and purify the air of dust, dirt, bacteria, and allergens.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

As we are witnessing a trend back to natural living, there is no scientific evidence on many health benefits of including negative ions in your environment. Because, our surroundings are now occupied by the name of technology and of its so-called inventions, such as air conditioners, scanners, laptops and the list goes on. These inventions emit an excessive amount of positive ions into the air we breathe. Hence, they can result in many mental and physical exhaustion while Himalayan salt candle holders emit negative ions. These negative ions can:

  • Neutralize negative effects of positive ions
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Improve breathing ability
  • Reduce anger in both depressed and non-depressed mood
  • Increase the flow of oxygen to the brain
  • Help in protecting against germs in the air
  • Increase work productivity and creativity

How to Take Care of Your Himalayan Salt Candle Holders?

We recommend that you light your candle every day for optimal purifying results. This will maintain a constant negative ionizing process. Also, your holder will not get moist build up around it.

Keep the candle holder in a dry place as the salt is water soluble. If you choose to place candle holder on a wooden or soft surface, please make sure that it consists of a waterproof base. That will make your furniture safer. Also, do not place your candle holder on top of any electrical appliances such as televisions and monitors.

Want to clean your Himalayan salt candle holders? Or like to remove the dust? Just wipe the surface gently with a towel or sponge!

Besides the candle holders, we are making and supplying a large number of Himalayan Salt lamps from Pakistan. Our salt products range from natural salt lamps, craft salt lamps, to salt tiles and bricks, and many more.

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