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Himalayan Salt Bowl Lamp in Pakistan

Before talking on Himalayan Bowl Salt Lamp, let’s begin from a simple bowl. A bowl is basically a round dish or container typically used to serve food. Due to this nature of a bowl, our skilled craftsmen turned the rock salt into a bowl-shaped piece. The only difference is that you can fill in the Himalayan salt crystals to make it a Himalayan Bowl Salt Lamp. Just plug & play, and reap the same full benefits as you do from other salt lamps, for example crafted salt lamps. However the bowl salt lamps provide an additional feature. As the light passes through the different pink shades from each salt crystal the lamp creates the effect of a fireplace. The whole phenomenon made us a prominent supplier of Himalayan salt lamps in Pakistan.

Soothing glow of Himalayan Salt Bowl Lamp

Himalayan-Salt-Bowl-Lamp in Pakistan

Let’s move on to the functional aspect of the Himalayan salt bowl lamp. As a 100% natural product, this Himalayan salt bowl lamp creates a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. Since the salt is hygroscpic in nature, the Himalayan salt bowl lamp absorbs the moisture in air. Just plug & play, it generates healthy negative ions that enhances the air quality. So first and foremost factor is that a salt lamp creates the soothing glow. Afterwards, the soothing glow and its performance puts you in comfort!

Characteristics & Benefits of Himalayan salt bowl lamp

In addition to the soothing glow, the Himalayan Salt Bowl Lamp brings a pleasant, warm, and relaxing amber glow to your room. Especially, the salt lamps reduce the physical fatigue, stress, headaches and migraine. Moreover, a bowl salt lamp is a perfect choice to help you fall asleep at night. As a unique salt décor, these salt lamps and other salt products can be used in office, corridors, bedroom lighting, living room lights, and kitchens. Their soothing glow creates a comfortable space for you.

Himalayan-Salt-Crystal Bowl-Lamps

Importing Himalayan Salt Bowl Lamp

As a matter of fact, importing Himalayan salt bowl lamps for resale, both wholesale salt lamps as well as retail, is exciting and profitable. However, you should enter into with first considering few factors. Such as the cost, market trends, growing popularity, and of course your benefits. I mean, road to become a direct salt lamp importer is easier than you might think. Thus, only the proper help, guidance and off course the passion for salt lamps is the key element.

Salt Lamps Manufacturer Supplier Exporter

Exporter of Himalayan Salt Bowl Lamp in Pakistan

YsaltLamps are truly among the best suppliers and exporters of Himalayan salt lamps in Pakistan. Help & Guidance with premium quality product is available. Experience of a decade in manufacturing and exporting the Himalayan salt bowl lamp has been achieved. Therefore, we put all of our experience to work for you. Skilled craftsmen are playing the vital role in exporting the Himalayan salt bowl lamps worldwide!

If you live in USA, you may buy in retail a salt bowl lamp before entering into the salt lamp business. Or, give a try to Himalayan salt crystal lamp bowl, from here. Do this testing and get the satisfaction with the characteristics and benefits of Himalayan salt lamps. Now, you will enter into importing the salt lamps for reselling with confidence! Importers and bulk buyers have found us the name in the best exporters and wholesale suppliers of salt lamps in Pakistan.

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Himalayan Salt Crystal Bowl Lamps in Pakistan

Other Himalayan Salt Lamps in Pakistan

Dozens of Salt Bowls and hundreds of other Himalayan salt lamps are being produced at our facility in Pakistan. Although we create dozens of shapes, however, we are glad to create a custom shape, as well. Therefore, if you don’t find your required shape in bowls please contact us.

    So let’s get down to the Salt Lamp Business

    So far, we have tried to put a brief introduction to Himalayan salt bowl lamp. Moving ahead, something now on nuts & bolt of the salt lamp business!

    Ysaltlamps has been designing salt products made from Himalayan salt for over 10 years. Our customers have come to expect the very best when shopping with our company. With thousands of satisfied customers both individual and retailers we strive to offer the finest salt available. Our company makes no mistake in manufacturing, packaging, and shipping export orders worldwide.

    Importers and wholesale salt lamps business people are most welcome to this ever profiting Himalayan salt bowl lamp. Retailers sell out this salt lamp fast with good profit margin!

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    Bowl Lamp decor with Salt Stones and Salt Balls

    Each of our bowl salt lamp is one of a kind but it fits perfectly with the other bowls in our collection.

    The walls are high and the bowl is shallow enough that you could put enough no. of salt stones.

    Get additional rock salt crystals so that you may change the stones to get a new look!

    Get a dozen salt balls so that you could get a new dimension of amber glow!

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