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Pyramid Salt Lamps in Pakistan

Before talking on Pyramid Salt Lamps, we need to know the basics of a pyramid. A pyramid is basically a monumental solid object or structure with a square or triangular base and sloping triangular sides. All sides must meet in a point at the top, as shown in the picture. Similarly, our skilled craftsmen carved the Himalayan Rock Salt into pyramid shape and name it the Himalayan Pyramid Salt Lamps. The most famous pyramids are the Egyptian — huge structures built of brick or stone, some of which are among the world’s largest constructions.

Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamps in Pakistan

Pyramid-Salt-Lamps in Pakistan

Our stylish pyramid Himalayan salt lamp is not only a stylish addition to your home or office, it can also help you relax and shake off your worries. You can just kick back where you’re most comfortable. Carved from 100% natural pink salt from the foothills of the Himalayan Salt Mines. This geometric shape is well known for its healing and wellness properties. As long as you keep it ON the pyramid salt lamps can cleanse the air, literally, deodorizing along the way. It’s renowned for emitting negative ions, which may increase your energy level. Above all, without lifting a finger.

Ambient Glow of Desk Lamps

Just imagine, it’s a familiar story that the ambient lighting serves a particular purpose. All of us got a common practice of keeping a table, desk or floor lamp in every room. The simple reason is just to reduce the eye strain as we work. On the other hand these traditional lamps or their ambient lighting bulbs create a stressful and uncomfortable environment up to some extent.

Ambient Glow of Pyramid Salt Lamps

As we see that the ambient lighting reduce eye strain but with a limited comfort. On the other hand, the pyramid salt lamps fit in any type of requirement. Such as, it works as a night light when you use a USB power mini salt lamp. Also, you may use them as the reading desk salt lamps when using a transparent pink color or white salt lamps. They allow more light to travel through them. And, if you use medium amount of pink or reddish color pyramid salt lamps they create a soothing and relaxing warm glow. So, in conclusion we may say that the ambiance of these salt lamps is good enough for reading. Full Comfort at all!

Pyramid Salt Lamps exporters in Pakistan

Exporters of Pyramid Salt Lamps in Pakistan

Truth be told, Ysaltlamps is a conspicuous name in the producers and exporters of salt lamps in Pakistan. In spite of the fact that the entire year keeps us occupied in satisfying the running requests, our staff is joyfully prepared to go to the new request too. Long stretches of such experience made us a noticeable exporter of salt lamps in Pakistan. Consequently we like to put such understanding of years into your success in salt lamp business. Besides, our talented skilled workers assumed an essential job in this accomplishment too. That’s the story we say that people contact us as a leading wholesale salt lamp suppliers in Pakistan!

Salt Lamps Manufacturer Supplier Exporter

Specialty about our Pyramid Salt Lamps

On the top, these salt lamps from Pakistan are made from natural Himalayan salt crystals hand mined in the Himalayan Salt Mines. Unique pyramid shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp are perfect for Office, Bedroom, Living Room and Spa Settings. Each of the Pyramid Shaped Rocks is set on a natural round polished wooden base. Commonly they are 9 inches in Height and 4 inches in Length. The best thing is that this lamp comes with a certified On/Off or dimmer power cord. Just heating the salt piece with the included bulb releases negative ions into the air. This phenomenon creates an effect similar to an ionizer, purifying the surrounding air. The calming Amber glow is released when lamp is lit. Weight and color may vary due to the natural variation in the Himalayan Crystal Salt. These wonders of nature are a great complement to routine meditation and also a beautiful and unique gift.

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Himalayan Salt Crystal Pyramid Lamps in Pakistan

Other Himalayan Salt Lamps in Pakistan

Different sizes of Pyramid and hundreds of other Himalayan pink salt lamps are being produced at our facility in Pakistan. Although we create dozens of shapes with size variant however, we are glad to create a custom shape, as well. Therefore, if you don’t find your required shape in salt lamps please contact us.

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    Benefits of Pyramid Salt Lamps

    All of us know the effects of salt on our health. But the amber glow and negative ions benefit us in terms of décor as well as health! Few of the benefits of Pyramid salt lamps are listed below:

    • Emit an enchanting glow
    • Offer a Better Sleep
    • Cleanse and Deodorize the Air
    • Ease Your Coughing
    • Increase Performance
    • Increase Energy Level
    • Improve Mood & Concentration
    • Reduce Allergy & Asthma Symptoms
    • Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder
    • Reduce Static Electricity in the Air
    • Environmentally-Friendly Light Source
    • Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation
    • Eliminates positive ions that can cause bodies to feel unwell
    • Helps recharge your body with negative ions especially in the winter time

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    Himalayan-Crystal-Pyramid Salt-Lamps-in-Pakistan

    Try a pyramid salt lamp before importing in bulk

    Most importantly, we realize that no one gets one salt lamp from overseas just to try the item. Consequently, you can purchase a pyramid salt lamp from your nearby market. For example, you may purchase a Himalayan salt pyramid lamp from amazon. That is to say, you should attempt and check the attributes and advantages before going into the salt lamp business. Running this test or a try, will get you satisfaction you need in this Himalayan salt lamp business. Truly, many new individuals are currently our regular importers who did this test. Above all, this is their satisfaction that made us an unmistakable supplier and exporter of salt lamps in Pakistan.

    Other Useful Information on Salt Lamps

    Well, you might be wondering for some more useful information on salt lamps. Okay, I will suggest you read what is a salt lamp? This article covers the most basic and essential information. Further, you would definitely like to read on how do you use a salt lamp? From there, I would prefer to go through another useful information in our page, i.e. how does a salt lamp work? Reading this much basic information will give you the essential readings on salt lamps. Above all, we are here to help you as a Himalayan salt lamp suppliers in Pakistan. You may contact us for any inquiry or order!