Full Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

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I am an open advocate of using Himalayan salt, Himalayan Salt Lamps, and other Himalayan salt products. I recommend them to people quite frequently while elucidating their immense benefits for health.

Full Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Reaping Full Benefits Bestowed by Himalayan Salt Lamps

Once I recommended the use of the Himalayan salt lamp to one of my friends. But, to my surprise, after sometime she complained of her lamp. She said it is not working properly and not noticing any of the benefits I had described.

Himalayan salt lamps are hygroscopic

This was a surprising factor for me. So, I decided to pay her a visit to see for myself what went wrong. Here’s my rendition of what I found! My friend’s allegation of her lamp being faulty stemmed from her observation that her Himalayan salt lamp was “leaking water”. I explained to her that Himalayan salt is hygroscopic and has a tendency to attract and draw moisture from the atmospheric air. My friend had inadvertently placed her Himalayan salt lamp near an open window sill where it was exposed to wind and moisture and hence appeared to be leaking. I immediately had her move the lamp from its current position to a cooler and drier spot and told her to keep it there permanently.

Himalayan salt lamps for proper coverage

Salt Lamps Perform-the-BestSecondly, my friend had purchased a single lamp and placed it in her master bedroom which was quite spacious. I again had to explain the basic function of the lamp was to emit negative ions when the heat was provided to it. These ions then attract pollutants from the air making them heavy and fall to the ground. Since my friend placed a single lamp in a large spacious room, it was unable to produce enough negative ions to counter the dust particles and other pollutants. I advised her to get at least two more Himalayan salt lamps for proper coverage of her room.

This all happened a few weeks ago! I have scheduled a visit to my same friend’s house in a day so I will let the readers know how the few adjustments I made are working out for her. If you want to reap the maximum Himalayan salt lamp benefits and prolong their lives, adhere to the above-mentioned instructions.

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