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Many people worry about the durability by questioning ‘Do Salt Lamps Melt?”. They have a valid question because they know that salt melts. But, the fact is that salt does not melt but sweat in a wet or humid place.

Salt Lamp’s first time buyers face the leaking of water or sweating of the salts. However, this problem occurs because they place their salt lamp either in a humid room or because the place itself has high humidity. The common behavior is that the salt lamps do not usually sweat if placed in a dry climate. However, you can expect some sweating from the lamp if you live in a dry and humid area.

This does not mean that you cannot use salt lamps if you live in such places.

Salt Lamps Do No Melt, But Sweat

The best way to overcome this sweating and melting problem is to keep your salt lamp ON at all times except when you are going out, and there is nobody left at home. On the other hand, do not worry about your electric bill when using the lamps at all times since these salt lamps do not consume a lot of power. We can also prevent the sweating by placing the salt lamp in a less humid area. All this means that the lamp should not be kept in the laundry, basement or bathroom. But, in case you need to use a lamp in such a place for a while, do not worry, use it, and after you finish using the lamp there, just keep it ON for few more hours to get it dried.

Salt Lamps Absorb Moisture

Because of the hygroscopic nature, salt absorbs moisture. Same is said of Himalayan salt lamps. So if you see some moisture on your salt lamp, then do not worry. This is not because salt lamps melt. Simply take a dry, lint-free and absorbent cloth and wipe the moisture away. If the lamp has to be turned off for a long time, then we advise to consider placing the lamp inside a bag to prevent sweating. It also helps to air dry the Himalayan salts from time to time after cleaning with a dry and absorbent cloth.

Salt Lamps Do Not Melt But Sweat

A Misconception in Salt Lamp

Sweating, Leaking, and melting makes people confused. Many buyers ask, do salt lamps melt? And unfortunately, a good number of salt lamp owners say ‘yes’ because they mistake sweating for melting.

The correct answer is No, Himalayan pink salts do not melt or dissolve. Off course, they can sweat or leak water, but they do not melt. In a matter of fact, the salt lamps sweat by simply the absorption of the moisture when the lamp is located in a humid place. Do not surprise that many people say that the salt lamps melt because the sweating often becomes intense that they create small puddles. Also, some people say that their pink salt lamp is turning white. The advisable trick is simply to keep your salt lamp on to keep the salts dry at all possible and convenient times.

The salt crystals used to craft genuine Himalayan salt crystals are only mined in the foothills of the Himalayan Salt Range in Pakistan.

Best Salt Lamp Suppliers

There are plenty of sayings about Himalayan Salt Lamps on the market these days, which make one confused in choosing a salt lamp.

Being a manufacturer and exporter of salt lamps, we have explained the Himalayan salt from almost all major and minor points of views. You may explore these points by reading the best colors, natural shapes, craft shapes, and also on bulbs & cords. You may also read and understand what are the major salt mines in Pakistan and what mines are best for manufacturing salt lamps.

Final Thoughts

All salts, including Himalayan Salt, only melt or dissolve if you place them in a wet place. Have you ever noticed that how your kitchen table salt sweats when stored in a dry and humid place, but that does not melt? The same can be said of Himalayan pink salts. They will not dissolve on their own.

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