Do Himalayan Salt Lamps taste like salt?

/Do Himalayan Salt Lamps taste like salt?
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Himalayan Salt Lamps taste like real salt

Himalayan Salt Lamps Taste

Simple and fact-based answer is: Yes, they taste like salt. These salt lamps are actually the big chunks of Himalayan salt. These salt chunks or the large rocks are mined directly from the foothills of Himalayas, generally called Himalayan Salt Mines, and Himalayan Salt Range. Then, these salt chunks are carved into different shapes.

People have these salt lamps in their house, office, shops, clinics, or wherever they spend sufficient time. They just love them because of their beauty and health benefits.

How to taste a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Every purchaser does what others have done – Just touch & hold your finger on the surface for two seconds and lick your finger. It will taste like a real Himalayan salt! That’s the simple taste test of a salt lamp. Further, we encourage all the recipients of the lamps to do the same!!

Each beautiful salt lamp is stunningly unique. The shapes, the shades of color, and even the lines that run through the salt lamps make sure that no two are alike.

Running a taste test on a salt lamp

We noticed a weird thing to note but not advisable is running the Himalayan salt lamp through a taste test. We suggest just lick the outer layer and compare it with the taste of Himalayan sea salt. You can also try to taste it for that salty sea smell, but again both methods are not advisable as you run the risk of licking off dirt stuck on the surface instead of actual salt.

So, make sure you run the salt lamp for few hours, turn it off, unplug it, clean the surface of the salt lamp with a dry piece of smooth cloth, and then taste it!

Your salt lamp may has some sort of glaze coating

If you don’t get the salty taste then your salt lamp has some sort of glaze coating on it. We never do any coating on our salt lamps. Thus, if you bought a salt lamp from some other supplier and have no salty taste, means your salt lamp has a definite coating on it which in other means don’t make you reap out the full benefits of your salt lamp.

Shapes of Salt Lamps

These special lamps come in two basic distinguished shapes:

Natural Shapes

The most demanding and popular one is the natural salt lamps‘ shape. In a matter of fact, this is usually a standard block of salt, unpolished and edgy. Although it sounds like it doesn’t look great, but it does. The larger the natural-shape lamp is, the greater its power of purifying the air is. You may read more on natural salt lamps.

Crafted Shapes

Our Crafted Himalayan salt lamps come in a large no. of shapes: bowls, balls, birds, flowers, roses, leaf, eggs, heart, pyramid, cube, cylinder, etc. These are machine made salt lamps.

As a manufacturer & wholesale supplier we help to win the customers, and earn profit.

Salt Lamp Suppliers from Pakistan

We run a large manufacturing unit in Pakistan’s largest salt mines area. Salt Lamps from Pakistan are getting popular day-by-day. Especially, these lamps have no substitute! The only one of a kind.

Our Salt Lamps and other salt products are easily available in all year just because we have a strong business with salt mines and carry a team of skilled craftsmen.

Wholesale Salt Lamp Prices

You better search salt Lamp Dealers and wholesale suppliers and contact few of them. To get the best offers in high quality run a comparison among those results. Finally choose 2 or maximum 3 suppliers and start a serious business conversation.

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