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Bowl Shape Salt Lamp Suppliers and Exporters in Pakistan

Bowl, or A Bowl Shape Salt Lamp!

bowl shape salt lamp is a round dish or container made with 100% natural Himalayan pink salt. These Himalayan salt bowls are typically used as a Fire Bowl. They just put few of the salt chunks above the light bulb (fitted inside the bowl) and get an ambient glow all around the bowl. Since the chunks are made from 100% natural Himalayan salt that comes in natural color shades, so that element creates a stunning glow! Being a manufacturer and supplier of these Bowl Shape Himalayan Salt Lamps, we can supply as per your custom designs!

Size of Bowl Salt Lamps

The size of Himalayan salt bowls varies from small bowls used to hold a few chunks to large bowls. The large bowl salt lamps are often used in a larger room. Currently, we are manufacturing these bowls in 3 sizes:

  1. Salt Bowl in 6 inches Diameter
  2. Salt Bowl in 7 inches Diameter
  3. Salt Bowl in 8 inches Diameter

Although we can go above these sizes but that becomes a custom order because the miners cut the salt rocks typically in a medium size from the salt mines. So, when we need larger rocks we need to place a special order for the larger rocks.

Shapes of Bowl Lamps

Typically the interior of a bowl salt lamp is characteristically shaped like a spherical cap with the edges and the bottom forming a seamless curve. Whereas, the exterior of a bowl salt lamp is most often round, but can be of any shape, including rectangular. We are currently making and supplying Salt Bowl Lamps in more than a dozen shapes. Thus, we are happy to claim that we are among the best salt lamp suppliers from Pakistan.

 Wholesale Dealer & Supplier of Himalayan Salt Bowl Lamps

Making salt bowls is not an easy job, it involves the sophisticated lathe machines and skilled craftsman, as well. Our factory is loaded with skilled craftsmen. On the other hand, the salt rocks with less natural veins is the most ideal salt for Himalayan Salt Bowls. Based on all these facts, we are constantly growing as a wholesale dealer and supplier of Himalayan Salt Bowls in multiple sizes.

Our Salt Products’ Range

Our Himalayan salt product range includes more than a dozen unique products whereas each unique product is made in a set of variations in terms of size, weight, and style. For example, the natural salt lamps are made in a wide range begins with 2 to 3 Kg and goes up to 500 Kgs. Bowl salt lamps are made in 12 different styles in 3 sizes.


There is no doubt that Bowl Shape Himalayan Salt Lamps make a unique change in the world of night lights. Salt lamps create an ambient glow all around the bowl. We are among the top rated bowl shape salt lamp suppliers from Pakistan.