Himalayan Salt Lamps name Variations

//Name Variations in Web Searching

While surfing the internet I see an interesting search behavior. I see that the people are searching the same thing but with the slight variations in their search phrase or term. Such as their desired thing is, the Himalayan Salt Lamp Wholesale Suppliers. But I found the following variations they are using while searching:

  • Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps WholesaleSalt Lamps Wholesale Perform-the-Best
  • Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps Wholesale

Furthermore, they are using:

  • Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps Wholesale
  • Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps Wholesale

Even they often use the term:

  • Himalayan Salt Lamps Wholesale

Indeed there is no any conflict or even a minor difference among these phrases at all. Simply, the person using any of these phrases is looking for the Himalayan salt lamps at wholesale prices. The different words, such as Crystal salt lamps, Pink salt lamps, and Rock salt lamps are the phrases that most searchers are using. The reasons include some facts and scenarios. Let’s take a look at each of them:

Crystal salt lamps Wholesale

Due to the isometric crystalline structure of the underground salt deposits, we call it the Crystal salt. Thus the lamps we make from this crystal salt are named as Crystal salt lamps. Similarly the term “Himalayan crystal salt lamps” covers all the terms & phrases that I listed above.

Pink salt lamps Wholesale

Himalayan Crystal Salt comes in many natural shades of colors. The colors of the crystal vary from pure white, pink, translucent pink hues, and orange to deep reds. Sometimes we find a mixture of all. The richer the iron content, the richer the pinks, oranges, and reds appear in the crystal. But, most of the salt found in Himalayan salt mines is in pink or translucent pink hues. Thus, we call it the Himalayan Pink Salt, and the Pink salt lamps are named as Himalayan pink salt lamps.

Rock salt lamps Wholesale

In short, the Himalayan salt is mined from the foothills of the Himalayan salt mountains. The miners cut the large rocks from the salt walls, break them in smaller rocks, and transport them to the salt factories. Then the craftsmen craft these smaller rocks to get the shape our customers ask for. Even, sometimes they just leave the rock in the real rock style but in a smaller and handy size. That’s the reason people also call it the Rock salt, and the rock salt lamps. Interesting!

Conclusion on name variations:

So, now if you are using any of the above-listed phrases you will be receiving the Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps from wholesale suppliers. And, remember we are among the largest wholesale salt lamps suppliers in Pakistan. The only country of origin of these great Himalayan salt lamps.

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