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The Himalayan Fire Bowl Salt Lamp has been once again awarded our in-house “Lamp of the Year 2019” in the category of Craft Shape Salt Lamps.

Fire Bowl Salt Lamp manufacturers exporters and suppliersWhat is a Fire Bowl Salt Lamp?

This natural Himalayan salt bowl is crafted from the 100% natural Himalayan salt. And filled with salt crystal stones (chunks). Each bowl is sculpted by hand. The combination of the pristine finished surface with the rough natural salt crystals (stones) makes for an intriguing visual contrast.


Although, this is the standard specification but you may ask us for a Custom Design & Size!

Material Himalayan Rock Salt
Color Multi Color includes Pink, White, Reddish
Weight 3.50 to 4Kg (Including Box Weight)
Style Regular Cutlary Bowl Shape
Ionic Area 8 to 10m3
Diameter 17 to 19cms.
Height 15 to 16cms.

Fire Bowl Salt Lamp acts as a:

  • Source of Meditation, Rejuvenation, and Relaxation
  • Beautiful and Environmentally Conscious Light Source
  • Notable Ornamentation to Your Home Decor
  • Amber glow all around the bowl

Create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. Natural crystal salt lamps from Pakistan, from the foothills of Himalayan Mountain, generate healthy negative ions that increase the air quality.

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