Discovery of Himalayan Salts

//Discovery of Himalayan Salts

Discovery of Himalayan salt

I wasn’t always the health conscious and careful man I am today. During my youth I used to be quite careless when it came to my diet and health but I guess that’s a trait common among youngsters. It wasn’t till my thirty second birthday that I noticed some telltale signs which were indicating that something was wrong. My doctor told me that I had high blood pressure and should stay away from salt rich food. Being a food enthusiast of sorts this news was quite depressing for me but in order to keep my condition from getting exacerbated further I started to avoid using salt rich food. My wife seeing my predicament stopped using salt as seasoning when she would prepare food for me. My culinary life becomes quite tasteless.

This led me to search for alternative to salts on the internet and like an answer to a prayer I came across Himalayan salt. At first I was skeptical thinking that Himalayan salt is essentially salt so it can’t be beneficial for me. But I was very wrong in my assumptions! It turned to be highly beneficial for health by virtue of its constituent elements and trace elements like sodium, magnesium, potassium and carbon. Unlike ordinary processed white table salt which is stripped of all useful and beneficial elements leaving behind only sodium chloride which creates excess load on the body, Himalayan salt actually helps regulating high blood pressure in conjunction with water.

Observing these positive points I ordered a bag of pink Himalayan salt from an online vendor which arrived in a few days. I was pleasantly surprised to discover its exotic flavor and taste. Further reading on the amazing quality of this salt revealed that it has a very positive effect on the vascular system and maintains optimum blood sugar levels.

In the end I would highly recommend the use of Himalayan salt to everyone out there who is leading a dull culinary life because of blood pressure. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.