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Salt Tiles and Bricks


Salt Tiles and Bricks Day by day as modern science is marching towards new inventions and it’s so-called technology, such as computer, laptops, televisions and many more, these inventions with many benefits, holds some negative impacts on our lives, by emitting positive ions in the air we breathe and the water we bath in, [...]

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Himalayan Bath Salts


Himalayan Bath Salts Today most people realize the “regular” refined table salt as accustomed and natural, health-promoting salt. But there is a big difference between refined table salt and Himalayan crystal salt, and this difference can have a major impact on your health. What Is Himalayan Salt: The story of Himalayan Salt starts about 250 million [...]

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Himalayan Salt Tableware


Himalayan Salt Tableware Profit in actual words is something you invest no matter if the amount is small or large it benefits you. Himalayan Salt Tableware profits you in so many ways not only by making your life healthier, natural but also by its unique look, innovative quality, and perfection. As Crystal Salt is [...]

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Gourmet Cooking Salt


Gourmet Cooking Salt In a pack of similar products, there is always something that stands out, either in looks or in usability. If we take cooking salts as products then we can safely say that Gourmet Cooking Salt is the one that stands out. Well, reasons are too many to describe but let’s just [...]

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Salt Deodorants


Salt Deodorants There are things that exist and you don’t know about them. Himalayan Salt Deodorant falls into a similar category of products that can amaze you with its name and advantages. This Salt Deodorant is also known as Cleansing Crystal Salt Bar and is one of the wonderful products of Himalayan Mountain Range. Unlike Salt [...]

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Salt Foot Massagers


Salt Foot Massagers Massage therapy itself stands for relaxation, the affection of blood circulation, and enhancing tissue healing. And when it comes to feet what can be better than to give your feet a touch of Himalayan Foot Massager. Himalayan Salt can be a new word for some people, but most people are known [...]

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Top 5 Benefits of Himalayan Salt Inhaler


Do you know that the humankind has been reaping benefits of salt for many generations? Have you ever wondered how does the Himalayan salt inhaler give relief to the asthma patients? And, do you know the benefits of Himalayan salt inhaler? Top 5 Benefits of Himalayan Salt Inhaler Its therapeutic effects were known even [...]

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Iron Basket Salt Lamps


Iron Basket Salt Lamps When it comes to natural Salt Products, our only aim is to provide you 100% natural, authentic and something special in its own style with Himalayan Salt, and Wrought Iron Salt Lamp is another product by YsaltLamps which itself defines our relation and our motive “Quality with Commitment” in a [...]

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Himalayan Salt Inhalers for Asthma Patients


Ah, the most often question we see in our inbox is: What is a salt inhaler? Does Himalayan salt inhaler really work? How to use a salt inhaler? How to clean a Himalayan salt inhaler? Do the benefits of Himalayan salt inhaler really exist? Do they really relieve the Asthma symptoms and pain? What [...]

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Basket Salt Lamps


Basket Salt Lamps Himalayan Salt is a great treasure and it deserves to be honored in as many ways as possible and Basket Salt Lamp is just another example of that. You can buy many types of salt lamps but a Basket Salt Lamp is something very different in design, though very similar in essentials. A basket [...]

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