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Fire Bowl Salt Lamps

The Himalayan Fire Bowl Salt Lamp is once again awarded our in-house “Lamp of the Year 2018” in the category of Craft Shape Salt Lamps. What is a Fire Bowl Salt Lamp? This natural Himalayan salt bowl is filled with salt crystal stones (chunks). Each bowl is sculpted by hand. The combination of the [...]

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Marketing of Salt Products

Our intensive global marketing salt products on a worldwide scale are taking advantage of global opportunities. We provide valuable salt products internationally and globally. Global Marketing Salt Products Our major export includes, but not limited to the following salt products: Salt Lamps USB Salt Lamps Salt Candle Holders Salt Blocks Edible Himalayan salt All things [...]

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We Are Shipping The Wholesale Himalayan Salt Lamp

Starting a retail or wholesale Himalayan salt lamp business? Looking to form relationships with the wholesale suppliers of salt lamps? If so, then initially you need to know few things on the top: Salt Lamps: the country of origin Above all, the only country of origin of salt lamps is Pakistan. Amazing for you? Whatsoever, [...]

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Growing Popularity of Wholesale Salt Lamps

Amazingly, the worldwide market for organic and natural products is shooting up rapidly. The reasons for this include the growing popularity of organic products. People are returning to the nature-made products. As a matter of fact, the Himalayan salt lamps are among these trends. Therefore let's handshake to start a new or grow well the [...]

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Name Variations in Web Searching

While surfing the internet I see an interesting search behavior. I see that the people are searching the same thing but with the slight variations in their search phrase or term. Such as their desired thing is, the Himalayan Salt Lamps Wholesale Suppliers. But I found the following variations they are using while searching: Himalayan [...]

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Himalayan salt: good vs bad salt?

Himalayan salt: good vs bad salt? With the increasing awareness, people are becoming more and more conscious about their food consumption and intake. They want to know the nutrition facts and figures before taking any food. Same is true for the intake of salt. With the increase in the health problems caused due to hypertension, [...]

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Salt Rooms, Salt Caves, and Salt Saunas

Salt Rooms, Salt Caves, and Salt Saunas For those who are enamored with the magic that salt can work on the air, body and in terms of cleansing the spirit, salt rooms, salt caves and salt saunas are often desired. While these often take a significant degree of planning, those who have any of these [...]

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Allergological Asthma Salt Resort

Allergological Asthma Resort Khewra Salt Mine or (Mayo Salt Mine) situated in Pind Dadan Khan, an administrative subdivision of Jhelum district, Punjab, Pakistan, located about 160 km south of Islamabad, Pakistan, is one of the most renowned salt mines that harvests pure Himalayan Salt and is the world’s second largest mine. Khewra Salt Mine is [...]

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Khewra Salt Mines Tourist Resort

Khewra Salt Mines Tourist Resort Nestled in the rich foothills of the Himalayan mountain range, not far from the ancient city of Islamabad, a luscious resort has spawned for those who wish to tour the world-famous salt mines of the region. The Khewra mine is one of the most renowned salt mines that harvests pure [...]

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