Benefits of Himalayan salt lamps

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Before I say something on benefits of Himalayan salt lamps let me tell you my real story from scratch.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Benefits of Himalayan salt lamps

I am the mother of a seven year old son who suffers from bronchial and sinus conditions. I know how tough the ordeal can be. So, I take special and stringent precautions to keep my son’s room free of dust and other such contaminants which can exacerbate his condition. Seeing my dilemma a friend of mine suggested that I look into Himalayan salt lamps also known as rock salt lamps / pink salt lamps. She claimed that it can do wonders for my son’s condition. And she also explained me few health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps. Thus, being skeptical by nature I decided to look into the matter myself and ascertain just how beneficial these Himalayan salt lamps really are!

What are Himalayan salt lamps?

The Himalayan salt lamps from Pakistan are chunks of large salt crystals. Skilled craftsmen carve these crystals and hollowed out to fit a bulb or candle inside. The light from bulb or candle inside gives out a very aesthetically pleasing and soothing glow. Okay, so the lamps are aesthetically very pleasing but what about the much hyped Himalayan salt lamp health benefits?

Benefits of Himalayan salt lamps and how they work

Salt Lamps and Negative IonsHimalayan salt is the composition of 84 minerals and trace elements. These lamps are free from any ambient pollutant because of their surroundings deep in the mines. The crystal of the salt lamp when heated emits negative ions or positive waves into the air. These ions attract pollutants in the air like a magnet causing them to become heavy and eventually dissipate leaving behind clean and fresh air. The process of releasing these ions by applying heat in form of a bulb or candle is called “Hygroscopy”. And hence the Himalayan salt lamps are Hygroscopic in nature. They rid the room they are placed in of bacteria, mould, viruses and respiratory irritants and asthma triggers.

My experience with Himalayan Salt lamps

Breathing in clean air free of pollutants is paramount for people with sinus and bronchial problems. After studying the positive effects I decided to install tow Himalayan salt lamps in my son’s room. Continually breathing in the negatively charged pure air did a lot of good to my son’s bronchial tubes and after a couple of weeks I noticed him exhibiting less reaction to airborne allergens and overall improved concentration. I would highly recommend the kind people to achieve more Himalayan salt lamp benefits.

Pakistan Salt lamps

The Pakistan Salt Lamps have much to offer in the form of shape, color, and quality. All at the highest possible level. It’s crystal clear that our salt lamps from Pakistan have been designed and crafted down to the smallest possible detail. Each and every detail is carefully considered – from the cable to the plug to the design and shape of the salt lamp itself!

My conclusion

Himalayan salt lamps to my utter amazement worked wonders for my son’s condition. Thus, I would definitely recommend it for all people suffering from the same symptoms.

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