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Basket Salt Crystal Lamps

Himalayan Salt is a great treasure and it deserves the honor in as many ways as possible. And, Basket Salt Crystal Lamps are just another example of that. You can buy many types of salt lamps but a Basket Salt Crystal Lamp is something very different in design. Though, very similar in the characteristics of other salt lamps.

Basket Salt Crystal Lamps

What is a basket salt crystal lamp?

A basket salt crystal lamp comprises a beautiful basket usually woven with metallic wires with chunks of salt crystals inside. There is a low energy 15-watt bulb right beneath the crystals. When you turn the lamp on, it gives a very mesmerizing effect of colorful glowing salt crystals!

Quality of Basket Salt Crystal Lamps

At ySaltLamps, we ensure that you get best of the best… So, with our head held high, we can say that we provide our consumers with one of the best Basket Salt Crystal Lamps in the industry. Our skilled and experienced workers wove the basket with metallic wires. Thus, the Basket Salt Crystal Lamps shout out the premium quality as soon as you put your eyes on them… This Salt Lamp is one of the best options to decorate your beautiful home. You can place it on side of the table and reap the benefits of its beauty and elegance. Besides, the Basket Salt Crystal Lamps prove to be the really nice gift for your loved ones…

Benefits of Basket Salt Crystal Lamps

Apart from the premium looks and charming beauty, a Basket Salt Crystal Lamps can contribute in providing you with a great clean environment. Because it emits negative ions and removes the harmful positive ions and other pollutants from the air. Moreover, salt lamps from Pakistan are also known to:

  • Provide a natural treatment for different types of allergies including dust & pollen allergy
  • Provide a treatment for respiratory diseases such as asthma
  • Help in reducing migraine and mitigating the symptoms of a migraine in the long run
  • Energize the body with purification of air and release of negative ions
  • Remove the fatigue, tiredness, and depression
  • Increase the concentration and focus so you can work in front of electronic screens for a long time


There are many varieties of Basket Salt Crystal Lamps. And, we will be happy to provide you with one of your likings. Basket Salt Lamps are beautifully different yet maintain the characteristics of traditional salt lamps…

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