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About us

Thank you for visiting us. Let me put few words about us and about salt lamps. We have been in the business of manufacturing, exporting, and wholesale salt lamps supplying worldwide. Dozens of other Himalayan salt products are in our product range.

A couple of years ago, it was a summer’s evening when one of my friends visited me. He had a new thing to show me. And he amazed me when he presented his salt in the form of a rock. I mean, that salt was not in the form of powder as I thought it to always be when I was a child. Furthermore, this salt was stunningly beautiful with its rich colors showing off all the minerals that it contained.

Remarkable Himalayan Salt

Let me move further about us in this wonder. I started to do a lot of research at this natural wonder. Everything that I discovered it was nothing short of being remarkable. Himalayan Salt is the most natural and most pure and is unbaked and unprocessed. It is left as Mother Nature intended it to be. In my research, I discovered all of the health benefits that Himalayan salt actually has to humans and animals alike.

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Conclusion about us

After seeing all of the health benefits of this beautiful salt wonder, I decided to set up a manufacturing unit so that the people of the world can reach these great Himalayan salt products in an easy and affordable manner. That’s all made us the Himalayan Salt Lamps’ Wholesale Supplier from Pakistan!!!