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The Himalayan salt lamps in Pakistan have achieved a significant market worldwide. We are a leading manufacturer Exporter Wholesale Supplier of Himalayan Salt lamps from Pakistan. 100s of Shapes & Best Prices Available! We have a large number of Himalayan salt lamps from Pakistan range from natural and machine-made to custom design with over-the-top elegance and luxurious appeal. Find our crafted salt lamps, such as Pyramid, Flower, Trees, Bowls, Cups, Cubes, Balls, and many other shapes in salt lamps. Favored by top importers, distributors, wholesalers, and online retailers across the web. We are supplying these Himalayan salt lamps in traditional designs as well as fresh designs, often through the innovative use of premium quality Himalayan Salt, skilled craftsmen, extensive tools, and our passion of creativity.

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Himalayan Salt Lamps Manufacturer in Pakistan

Above all, we are comfortable in the salt lamps’ manufacturing and other Himalayan salt products because we are using the sophisticated lathe machines and handy tools. Further, the lathe machines are not just enough but the skills to use the lathe machine are more important, rather machines. In other words, we are fully loaded with the highly skilled craftsmen. Consequently, it’s our craftsmanship that made us the manufacturer of Himalayan salt lamps in Pakistan. They are genius enough in using the machines and tools. Ultimately, we are proud of our craftsmen who are the actual manufacturers of our crafted salt lamps.


Himalayan Salt Lamps Wholesale Supplier in Pakistan

Next, we offer quality wholesale salt lamps and other salt products at competitive prices. Our wholesale salt lamps are extremely popular in online marketplaces worldwide. Many gift shops, home decor stores, online auctions, organic food stores, specialty shops, Amazon, and eBay are selling our Himalayan salt lamps. Our wholesale distribution is widespread in United States, Canada, Australia, and several European countries. We provide a cost effective solution for businesses that purchase in small quantities or in bulk as well.


Exporters of Himalayan Salt Lamps from Pakistan

Moving one step forward, we began our global expansion as an exporter of Himalayan salt lamps. Although we are doing wholesale salt lamps’ business with many traders in Pakistan who export our salt products with their names and earn a little profit but we have decided to be a manufacturer cum exporter of salt lamps. Hence, we are in the Himalayan salt export since couple of years.  By now, we have achieved a reasonable number of importers in more than a dozen countries. Consequently, the importers and their distributors and re-sellers are happily running their businesses with us!


We like to provide the basic as well as the detailed information on Himalayan Salt Lamps before selling. Thus, let’s explore the information before entering into the salt lamps’ business!

Salt Lamps are Creations of The Nature

Above all, the best thing is that the Himalayan salt lamps are actually the creations of the Mother Nature. We just craft a Nature’s Blessing, add a few accessories, and bring up a salt lamp. Soothing and Amber glow is produced by these great creations. That looks gorgeous and amazing! Isn’t it?

Moreover, the Himalayan salt lamps from Pakistan provide a soothing glow all around. These salt rocks can also be used as a best night light. On the other hand, people are also using these salt crystals as their mood maker and enhancer. Consequently, a great addition to your home or office decor!


Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

First of all, our Rock Salt Lamps from Pakistan look great. Second, these salt lamps can offer a range of health benefits. These salt lamps are sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas. Due to special nature, these lamps attract water vapors present in the air. In the result, the thing it carries like bacteria, mold and remove them from the air. So, this simple & natural process helps to neutralize the effects of electromagnetic radiations & provide a soothing glow.

Moreover, as a quick suggestion, always choose the size or the number of lamps according to the room size. You will reap the full benefits!


Results of using Himalayan Salt Lamps

Furthermore, here is the point. Although there is no such scientific evidence but there is a huge statistic. We are continuously collecting our end users’ data based on using the Himalayan Salt Lamps. Most of them report us the; fresher smelling air, and reduced snoring. However, many of them also report the; increased mental alertness, reduction (even elimination) of persistent allergy or mold-related symptoms. The Asthma, Bronchitis and skin disorders are also taken care by using the Himalayan salt lamps from Pakistan. Of course, these results vary based on the individual and the indoor environment in which these salt lamps are used.

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